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Favour Obi (CEO)

Little story about my Sensitive Acne prone skin, I have occasional acne break outs and I thank God I realise and went for Solution.

I noticed I was losing my self esteem, always scared to go out, I felt I was looking very Old compare to my age then, so I visited Dermatologist for my skin concern recommended by my Doctor at St John’s Medical centre Lewisham, London.

My skin was dehydrated due to some kind of washing/scrubbing I have been practicing, I have used so many amazing skincare products from different countries, USA, Koreans, France and even African handmades skincare products 😊😊, though my skin get moisturize but still looked terrible, until I visited Dermatologist that warned me to stop all the products I was using.

She recommended

👉 NEUTROGENA (visibly clear, pink grapefruit wash) 🤩🤩

A simple Cetaphil moisturizer cream (best guys )

she advised me to go for body shop Makeup kids, Never go for heavy makeups. I realized that Body shop Foundation doesn’t clog the pores, of course always apply SPF 30/50 to protect your skin and I’m so glad I went to see the dermatologist because she didn’t prescribe any medication or harsh chemicals creams at all. She also encouraged me to exercise, eat healthy and drink more water.

Many people says oh but you look healthier, I thought so not until few months ago when I picked up my research interest on health and beauty care products.

Alot of people are like me and even more passing through what I have passed.

Why Davdan_store is different? Is because we are not only selling products but we also drop tips on how to get the positive results from the products.


●DAIRY-: dairy products are produced from
mammals, such as cattle, goats, sheep, camels. Some skins react on dairy products

● LACK OF EXERCISE-: Sweat helps unclog our pores naturally

● HORMONES-: this is natural, some of us get few sport occasionally, it’s normal.

● CHANGE OF PILLOWCASE:- we don’t realise how much Oil goes from our faces to our pillowcases, washing our pillowcases regularly and ironing helps our skin greatly.

● HAIR :- Alot of us don’t know what irritates our skins, I usually have irritation and breakouts whenever my hair touches my face. Avoid it.

● SKIN PRODUCTS:- what kind of products do you use on your skin? I have been there from the age of 16, I really suffered bad skin, probably caused by
– Hormones
– Thick Makeup (Foundation)
– Without SPF protection
– Junk foods
– Zero Exercise
– Skin picking
– Hair on face
– Sauna

● SKIN PICKING:- this is very important guys, there are things your hands can do that will worsen your Acne, such as picking at the skin, squeezing blemishes and scratching off scabs makes Acne look worse, please avoid, also Popping Pimples creates more inflammation and damage your skin more. Taking your hands off your
Face is advisable. Remember hands can harbour germs.

We will continue to drop other tips as we go.


Our mission is to provide options for people who want to use natural skin care products, yet do not want to sacrifice the texture, consistency, and efficacy that they get from their current chemically based products.


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Show us your skin then tell us the rest of your story. We’ll put together a skin caring plan that really works for you.

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